Cycliq FLY12 Sport Features You Didnt Know About

As cycling popularity continues to increase all over the world, so do the combined dangers of congested roads, poor cycling facilities and bad behaviour towards vulnerable road users. Founded in 2012, Cycliq is essentially a cycling safety technology company that has a main goal and mission to ensure that cyclists feel empowered and safe on the road with a product that would give cyclists a right of recourse when things go wrong – Cycliq’s FLY6 as well as the FLY12 Sport bicycle camera and light is an all-in-one safety system.

Cycliq FLY12 Sport

Very recently launched only a few weeks ago, the Cycliq FLY12 Sport is a bicycle camera that is also equipped with a powerful front light as well as carefully designed safety features. This combination between the bicycle camera and light all in one makes this product an essential safety asset for all cyclists. Specifically, the front light of the FLY12 Sport emits powerful output lumen that ensures the visibility of the road or path before the cyclist, and at the same time, ensure that the cyclist themselves are more noticeable, essentially decreasing the risk of accidents with other vehicles. 

Cycliq FLY12 Mobile App

Along with this, the camera engineered into this product has a number of notable and innovative functions, which includes the Cycliq 64GB microSD card, which allows a greater amount of footage to be stored in the camera. However, the FLY12 Sport additionally has a very unique feature – known as the smart looping feature that ensures that the microSD card will not run out of space. This feature works hand in hand with the Black Box Technology, whereby it is able to automatically trigger the incident protection mode and causing it to lock and save the footage of both the audio and video (by avoiding it from getting overridden).

Cycliq FLY12 Light Weight

Hence, in the event of an unfortunate incident or an accident on the road while cycling, this QHD camera, with an extremely sharp 135° wide angle will help to ensure that all the necessary evidence and details of the surroundings that the rider may have missed would be captured to help the cyclist show what happened, should anything go wrong.

Apart from these notable features, the FLY12 Sport have other attributes and details that enhance its functionality. The camera is suitable for use in long rides, being able to record continuously for 7 hours straight.

It is also lightweight, ensuring that the product does not come across as an additional burden for the rider. As a ‘whateverproof’ product, it is highly durable, water resistant, and it is able to protect the camera from any damage through dust and dirt. All in all, it is built to be able to withstand tough global conditions.


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