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XOSS G+ Gen2 Bike Computer

XOSS G+ Gen2 Bike Computer

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    ● The XOSS G+ GEN2 is the latest Bike computer from XOSS which has a built-in high sensitivity GPS chip that accurately positions and records your riding track
    ● The XOSS G+ GEN2 contains both the speedometer and odometer functions, and it is able to analyze the data obtained from a ride extensively by providing information like current speed, average speed, total mileage, etc.
    ● It has a IPX7 protection from water and dust and will function normally under rain
    ● It has a rechargeable lithium battery, with up to a 28-hour runtime
    ● The XOSS G+ GEN2has an auto backlight that turns on automatically based on the time zone

    The XOSS G+ Gen2 is a wireless bicycle computer that has a built-in high-sensitivity GPS chip. It is very advanced and is able to measure and analyze sports data of all kinds, including Speed, Total ride time, Total ride distance, Average speed, Altitude, and Maximum Speed. Being able to accurately track all of this data, the XOSS G+ Gen2 is an extremely convenient device, especially for experienced cyclists. Moreover, it has a rechargeable lithium battery, with up to a 29-hour runtime and has IPX7 water protection.


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