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SoRider Duo Mount

SoRider Duo Mount

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Key Features

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  1. The mount is very easy to install and can hold both computer and light.
  2. Comes with Garmin and Bryton mounts in same package.
  3. With a handlebar front extension, it will give a god visual range when cycling.
  4. The mount has an aerodynamic design that will effectively reduce wind resistance and cycling resistance.
  5. Material: nylon with carbon. It supports anti-oxidation so the mount will not be damaged due to weather elements like rain, and strong enough to hold secure the accessories in bumpy roads.

The SoRider out front mount can be easily installed onto the bicycle by removing the fixing screws and opening it. Since it is lightweight, it will not act as a burden to riders. Furthermore, with its aerodynamic design, it will effectively reduce air resistance, facilitating a smoother cycling experience. Since the material is made of nylon with carbon, it is an anti-oxidant, guaranteeing that the mount will not be prone to damage due to weather conditions like rain.


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