Why Foldable Bicycles are high-demand in Singapore

Going back to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, there was a drastic increase in the demand for bicycles, not only in Singapore, but globally. This was greatly due to both the heightened anxiety over the usage of public transportation as well as the surge in exercise, leading to many choosing to use bicycles as their form of mobility and thus seeing a great increase in the sales and manufacturing of many different kinds of bicycles like foldable bikes.

Even in a small island such as Singapore, there are many places that can be explored with a bicycle. According to Klook (2022) as well as Timeout (2022), some of the best bike trails include Coney Island, Pulau Ubin, Mount Faber Loop, and Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail.

(Visit Singapore, 2020)

With all that being said, sometimes, due to the factor of distance or terrain, there are some places that cannot be accessed easily or just by taking the bike and can require to drive a car or take public transportation. Hence, as such, many cyclists opt to use foldable bicycles. The functionality of foldable bicycles is such they are all generally easier to bring around in both private and public transportation systems due to its compactibility and how lightweight they are. Additionally, they are easy to store, and they save a lot of space.

(Brompton Bicycle via Facebook)

In the market, there are many different brands of foldable bikes that can be suited for all kinds of people, depending on what its purpose is. According to HONEYCOMBERS (2022), the following models (in no specific order) are some of the best models for foldable bikes that you can take anywhere in Singapore. They are all ideal, lightweight, and durable.

  1. Brompton M6L
  2. Decathlon Btwin Tilt 120
  3. Birdy Touringplus 24SP
  4. Tern Link D-8
  5. Helix Ultralight

All in all, foldable bicycles have many advantages as they can be brought around easily. It is also imperative to ensure that should you intend to purchase a foldable bike, to make sure that it is LTA approved (the bike has to be folded properly and with wheels that are no larger than 20 inches) โ€“ if you intend to bring it along with you on public transport in Singapore.


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