Why it is important to keep track of your speed when you are cycling

Cycling is a sport that has become increasingly popular among many Singaporeans today. With that, there are many rules and measure that are put in place to guarantee the safety of all, including fellow pedestrians and drivers.

Speed limits – a large number of accidents that occur whether it be car, bicycle, or even motorcycles would come from breaking the law of speed limits for a specific zone. There are different speed limits that are enforced by the LTA for cycling in different areas.

No matter the path that they are on, cyclists can very easily hit a speed of 30 km/h. This is highly dangerous. If a cyclist were to be travelling at high speeds like this and collide with a pedestrian or even another cyclist incoming from the opposite direction, the results and severity of the accident can be fatal and may even result in death.

One measure you can take up to ensure safety is installing a speedometer onto your bicycle, which is able to track and reveal the speed that you are going at.



The appropriate speed limit on Park Connector Networks (PCN) is 25 km/h, but on regular pedestrian walks, it is vital to keep to a 10 km/h limit to avoid accidents. It is important to follow these rules that are set in place in accordance with the speed limit to make sure that everyone is safe.  

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