Heart Rate Monitor / Sensor for Cyclist | Magene HR64 Chest Wrap

Monitor your Heart Rate - BPM, beats per minute

When you exercise, your heart pumps oxygenated blood full of nutrients to your limbs, so it has to work harder and faster to meet your body's demands.

BPM: beats per minute, is a measure of the speed of your heart and provides you with a better understanding of how hard you are working.

Why do cyclists need Heart Rate Sensor?

Interval training means riding short efforts with high intensity, followed by rest intervals of easy cycling. As you continue the interval training, this causes the body to adapt, allowing it to hold the intensity longer or to increase it.

Power and heart rate are used to calculate how much stress is necessary to produce a specific output. But for many Cyclists, power meters would be an expensive buy. So, to ensure they're riding the efforts hard enough, they use heart rate monitors.


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