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Key Features

Assioma PRO MX is the ultimate, rock-solid SPD® power meter pedal to improve your strength on the bike.
Made in Italy with more than 30 years of experience.

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Power meter pedals for MTB XC, gravel and CX

Light 191.4g

Full compatibility

Advanced metrics

Power up your experience on the trail

Assioma PRO MX is the ultimate, rock-solid SPD® power meter pedal to improve your strength on the bike.
Made in Italy with more than 30 years of experience







Fit-and forget setup

These MTB power meter pedals are quickly mounted like any other pedal.
They offer full SPD® compatibility and fit any crank arm, oval or round chainrings, and crank boots.

Like a pedal. Unlike any other pedal.

You can transfer Assioma PRO MX easily between bikes and pair it with your favourite bike computer or app, so you won’t miss any power numbers during and after your rides.

Training with power has never been easier.

The very first advantage lies in the core

The game changer? The top-notch electronics and the in-built rechargeable battery are safely stored inside a compact pod-less spindle. Due to the absence of the electric contacts typical of replaceable batteries, there is no risk of battery-related power dropouts.

No power ports nor battery compartments avoid the risk of water ingress for absolute trustability even in bad weather conditions.

Rock-solid reliability

We have all you need for unrivaled resistance against rock strikes and wear.

An extremely robust and ultralight 6061-T6 aluminium pedal body ready to stand up to plenty of abuse on the trail, plus an SPD®-compatible clipless system in chromium molybdenum alloy with a surface hardness up to 800 HV.

Incredible, but true.

The versatility you need

It seems like a small detail, but it's not.
The pedal body has absolutely no electronics in it, which makes it easily replaceable on your own, as you already do with any common pedal.

A new pedal body whenever you want a fresher look, but the same reliable power sensor.

Say yes to limitless emotions

The 100% Favero SPD®-compatible clipless system and a wide contact platform provide maximum security during technical passages of riding.

With a design that offers superior mud-shedding and the smoothest clip-in experience, you can enjoy your rides with no limits.


Power system


Chainring friendly



Consistency is key

Precision is important, but data consistency over time is key to a true understanding of your performance when using a power meter for MTB.

Uphills, sprints, oval chainrings?
The special IAV Power System delivers stable and reliable data in all situations.


A system that marks the difference

Our special IAV Power System fully exploits an integrated three-axis gyroscope to take into account every pedalling variation and factor this into every power calculation.
Get +/-1% accuracy and consistent power data every single time.


Platform Center Offset


Power Phase


Rider Position

Beyond power and cadence

Platform Center Offset, Power Phase, L/R Balance, the list doesn’t stop there. Power and cadence are a good start, but why miss out on additional, valuable metrics to chase that last split second of performance?

Discover all the power data Assioma PRO MX can offer you, and partner with the best devices for the perfect combo!

Rechargeability is the way

We all know that rechargeable batteries are useful and easy to charge, but you might not know that they also minimize the annoying power dropouts typical of disposable batteries.

You can recharge your pedals simultaneously with our magnetic system and enjoy more than 60 operational hours with a single charge.
If you travel a lot, just top up your pedals with a common power bank.

Wherever you are.

Tech Specs:

Assioma PRO MX-1/MX-2

Weight per pedal with sensor: 191.4 g

Stack height: 11.2 mm
Waterproofness: IP67


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