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Magene C406 Bike Computer

Magene C406 Bike Computer

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C406 GPS Bike Computer

Produced by Magene, this well-designed bike computer product has numerous functions.

C406 features a 2.5 inch FSTN “Infinite Screen”, which provides a more advanced sense of design and allows the unit to display a whole host of data. This allows users to get all the important data they need with the data page settings. The C406 is the most attractive, competitive and advanced product in the entry-level market.



Screen Size: 2.5 inches
Endurance: 30 hours
Charging Time: 3.5 hours
Standby Time: more than half a year
Positioning System: 4-Satellite positioning system positioning
Waterproof Rating: IPX6
Extensible Peripherals: heart band, pedal, speedometer, power meter
Training Function: ring recording, heart rate warning, power warning
Automatic Backlight: Yes
Automatic Calibration: Yes
Product Size: 86.5*51.6*21.6mm
Storage Capacity: 8M
Data Types That Can Be Displayed: 9 categories with 42 items


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