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SoRider Bicycle Front Light

SoRider Bicycle Front Light

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Key Features

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  1. The LED has a maximum brightness of 1000 / 1200 Lumens
  2. It has a wide-viewing angle of 120° that provides a maximum light range of 150 m to ensure safety when riding at night
  3. There is a silicone gasket on the inside of the bracket strap to prevent falling and scratching of the handlebar
  4. Anti-Glare Design: The built-in elaborated reflector provides a clear-cut line and it enhances safety as it ensures that surrounding individuals will not be blinded
  5. It has an IPX6 protection from water and will function normally under rain

The LED bicycle front light is small in size with a great illuminating power of (maximum) 1000 Lumens. It also has features like the anti-glare design as well as the wide-viewing angle of the light, ensuring not only the safety of the cyclists but the safety of others around them as well. With an IPX6 protection level, it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and protect itself from extensive damage from water/rain.


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