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WHOOP Membership - Free 1-month subscription

WHOOP Membership - Free 1-month subscription

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Thank you for your interest in WHOOP membership. Here is how you can get your WHOOP free 1-month subscription. Please note that you do not have to order this 0$ product at, you may do so only if you need to receive below instructions in an email. Step 1 below is where you would start your ordering process.

1. Open (do not navigate away from this link)
2. Choose a WHOOP 4.0 band
3. Tap on continue (or buy as gift and follow instructions)
4. Do not go back to the previous page. If you have to change the WHOOP band then start over from step 1
5. Chose the membership plan of your choice. The subscription fee you see here already has the one-month free membership applied
6. Tap continue
7. Add accessories, if any
8. Enter additional details at checkout page and complete your purchase
9. You will receive email from WHOOP with the tracking details for WHOOP band delivery

1-month, free membership and WHOOP 4.0 is included when you sign up using the link

WHOOP is a personalized digital fitness and health coach that tracks key physiological metrics and provides detailed, actionable feedback to optimize your performance via a monthly membership. WHOOP measures the daily stressors you put on your body through training and everyday life to provide you insights on three key pillars: Sleep, Recovery, and Strain. Heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), respiratory rate and sleep data unlock your WHOOP Recovery score each day.

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