Why the usage of Front Lights & Tail Lights will entail you a safer cycling

With Singapore’s weather being almost unbearably humid during the day and otherwise greatly unprecedented, among many, night sporting is favored by many – like night cycling. However, while engaging in such vigorous activities during hours of the night, it is vital that we act as responsible individuals and take necessary precautions to guarantee safety.

Night Cycling has become an increasingly popular sport among many Singaporeans in recent times during the pandemic. According so, there are many safety measures put in place, with the safety of cyclists being the utmost priority. For one, the usage of white headlights as well as red taillights is an essential requirement of your bicycle from the Singapore Government, more so during the 7PM – 7AM time frame.



The importance of installing these lights onto you bicycle stems from the need to be seen and spotted while cycling in the darkness. It is important so that as cyclists, you are able to look out for any stray pedestrians on the lanes or give ample warning to preceding cyclists or other individuals, especially when visibility is poor.



So, to ensure an enhanced cycling experience for of all those around you, it is very important to remember to adhere to the specific rules to keep you, fellow cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians safe.

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