How a Bike Cadence Sensor improve cycling

Cyclists who want to maximize workout results must invest in cadence sensors. These devices measure energy output in the form of revolution per minute (RPM), similar to a speedometer or pedometer.

Cadence tends to increase with the power you generate. With the help of a cadence sensor, you can optimize pedaling rate or the number of revolutions per minute (RPM).

Magene S3+ is one of the most popular speed and cadence sensors available in Singapore for people who are just getting into performance cycling and it can be used indoor as well as outdoor. This sensor is easy to setup and have better reviews by cyclists. 

The Magene S3+ Cadence Sensor has both ANT+ and Bluetooth technology. This sensor transmits your cadence data to cycling bike computers wirelessly.

When you need an upgrade to a more accurate and consistent speed n cadence data, Garmin SnC2 is the preferred choice of professional cyclist for a long time. 

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